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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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they were told the cannot yesterday by staff. they showed up and didn't find anyone giving out tickets. >> oh, yeah. i don't know where the miscommunication came in. he works at se 30, the pop up store where tickets are being given away. he says they are just trying to keep up with demand. >> more people than expected at the store we have right now. trying to figure out how much to give out, when to get out, just different types to accommodate everyone. >> reporter: for fans try to get tickets they are pretty much gone. there are a handful ruffled up tomorrow around 1:00. they say follow their social media if you are one of the last few to get it. also worth putting out under armour is the pr group for the event. we have contacted them repeatedly throughout the day try to get an explanation for fans as to why this wasn't more streamlined or why they wouldn't answer questions about capacity. the tickets they say is not a
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guarantee so fans have to be in line again tomorrow because they are not guaranteed a spot even though they have waited in line all this time. under armour did not want to explain themselves or offer an apology. >> initially, didn't they say you had to buy something from the store to get a ticket and then they decided that wasn't a good look and withdrew that so you have to show up. a lot of misinformation? >> reporter: there has been a lot of confusion. steph would say something on instagram and under armour put out something else and they never clarified. fans have been confused they did at one point say you had to buy something. they have retracted that. they also said only students would be given tickets, they didn't track that today so we saw a handful of people that were not students that were given tickets. a lot of confusion and hard to clear up as we have been trying to with under armour not wanting to say anything. >> a lot of people want to go
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to that concert. a lot of steph curry fans, oakland fans. under armour wanted pr they got it. good or bad is pr. a former 49er, reuben foster, no longer facing a domestic violence charge in florida. the charge dismissed today. prosecutors say there was insufficient evidence. foster was arrested at the niners hotel in tampa back in november, after an incident involving his ex-girlfriend. she also claimed foster hit her earlier in the year, but no charge. foster cut from the 49ers later picked up of the washington redskins. the nfl says it is still reviewing the situation. san francisco's nancy pelosi once again speaker of the house been a remarkable political comeback as a new congress was sworn in today. >> a live look at the u.s. capitol were democrats, led by pelosi, now control the house of representatives. and republicans still hold the senate with a slightly larger majority. pelosi reclaiming a job she last held eight years ago.
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now, she must manage tough negotiations with the republican senate and president trump. the first order of business, trying to end the partial government shutdown. >> a live look inside the house of representatives. lawmakers still in session, debating democratic bills to end the government shutdown. kpix5 political reporter melissa came here to show us how this momentous occasion played out. >> some people calling it the day, excited for democrats to take over because for two years democrats have been shut out of power in washington d.c. with republicans controlling the white house, senate and house of representatives. today they were thrilled to be back in charge of at least one of those. nancy pelosi was easily elected speaker. it all began with an enthusiastic nomination from hiking jeffrey. >> let may be clear house democrats are down with ndp, nancy dalessandro pelosi the one
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and future speaker of the united states house of representatives. >> reporter: then voting began with pelosi getting support from new progressives like congresswoman alexandra ocasio- cortez. and pelosi voted for herself with a little help from her granddaughter. 15 democrats did not vote for pelosi but she still got the support of 220, more than enough to win. >> speaker elect nancy pelosi of the state of california. the top republican go getter was congressman kevin mccarthy. he will leave the house minority. he represents a district in california's central valley. now, both of the most powerful people in the house are from california. as speaker, pelosi sworn in the
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new members of congress. in a surprise move president trump held a press conference. >> i want to start out by congratulating nancy pelosi on being elected speaker of the house. it is very, very great achievement. and hopefully we will work together and get lots of things done. >> valley is pelosi the first and second woman to be elected speaker of the house, she is also the second person ever to be elected speaker then lose the position and be elected speaker again. the last person was sam rayburn in 1955. past 8:00 back there, live look at the house they are still working. >> still debating. earlier today they passed a package of rule changes that are really important. we will have more on those specifics but right now what they are debating is two bills that would reopen the government after the shut down. the president said he might veto those we have a meeting tomorrow at the white house to discuss.
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>> never slows down. >> very late night for those in congress. >> they should work. >> i agree. the new congress has the most women elected to the house in congressional history at 102. the biggest boost of female members since the 1990s. it includes the first native american congresswoman and the first muslim congresswoman. meanwhile, the senate has 25 women, increasing the number of states represented solely by female senator. apple stock at a 52 week load tonight. >> after the company slashed revenue projections for the first time in 15 years. >> kpix5's veronica de la crews placing placing-says they are placing part of the blame in china. >> in the end the stock tumbled by nearly 10% in its worst trading days since 2013. ceo tim cook called an emergency all hands meeting in
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cupertino today, to discuss the challenges the company is facing. our cameras were not allowed in. nor will be given access to the live video feed. but in a memo to employees yesterday, cook said quote " external forces may push us around a bit we are not going to use them as an excuse. we manage apple for the long- term and in challenging times we have always come out stronger . the current challenges, shrinking demand in china, fierce competition from smart phones and fewer iphone owners choosing to upgrade ". >> that is the sad part, spending another 1000 for the sake of getting a little extra feature. >> the apple effect dragged the nasdaq way down. the index fell just over 3% today. the dow tumbled by 660 points and the s&p 500 gained back 62. we are still waiting for some kind of statement from apple about today's meeting. coming up, a local tech analyst will give us his take.
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new details in the dui case a man found asleep at the wheel while his tesla was on autopilot. he pleaded not guilty today, to misdemeanor dui. officers found his model s driving down 101 in redwood city on november 30. an officer pulled alongside and noticed he was sleeping. they arrested him at a gas station in palo alto. he was later found having a blood alcohol level of .14. his next court date is april 23rd. live look at downtown san jose. the south bay gearing up for the college football national championship game. this is a look at what fans will see as they arrive as what is being called the quad. this will be home to djs and espn live broadcasts. fans like the fact that this is close to the game site. >> super bowl city (-left- parenthesis -- san francisco,
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other activities were in san jose that didn't work out i think it's nice to have all the activities right here in san jose, closer to levi stadium. all the activities are here in the center. i think it looks good so far. excited check it out. >> the game features top ranked alabama and number 2 clemson. kick off 5:00 p.m. monday. a lot of the events this weekend for the championship far outdoors. people had better be prepared. >> i don't want to rain on their parade but we might rain on their football game. as we see in futurecast, rain coming in and coming in by saturday, early morning. a hand offshore at midday tomorrow. real action happens around midnight, friday night was saturday morning. the first wave of rain comes in . that gets everything wet. and just scattered showers all over the bay area in the succeeding hours not just rain but winds. they are all right tomorrow but look at saturday, right read
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and purple colors indicating gusts from 20-40 miles per hour. it is january. a flat out winter storm. not massive rain amounts not huge winds good rain, good winds and it all begins saturday. they will be wet. police in pleasanton are using surveillance video to help find a hit-and-run driver. you can see a back pickup turning left as a woman walks across the street. she gets hit and is thrown to the ground and almost run over by the back tires from she will survive. it happened two weeks ago on johnston drive. the driver stopped and talked to police that they say he gave them false information. police also released surveillance photos of the man as they tried to track them down. cell phone video could help catch the suspects in a horrific hit-and-run in oakland. shows the moments after a 14 -year-old boy was dragged four blocks. the video shot yesterday afternoon. police believe the teenager riding the bike near the bart
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station was hit by the scar. the video picks up after the driver finally did stop. officials a man and a woman standing outside the car. look at the teenager before getting back in the car, driving away, leaving him injured lying in the roadway. the car was abandoned several blocks away. police say they are closing in on two suspect. because we did recover the car and we do have the, what we believe, the driver and passenger based on witness information and video recovered , we believe we are going to be able to identify these individuals. >> the teenager suffered major injuries and remains in critical condition this evening. police are encouraging the driver and the passenger to turn themselves in. oakland police say a six -year-old girl, shot in the head new year's day, is improving. she was able to speak to her parents this morning. officers believe the bullet came from celebratory gunfire. it is too risky to remove the
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bullets will remain lodged in the girl's had. police using spot shot her technology to help determine just where it came from. we learned today the oakland's homicide right now lowest level since 1999. 68 homicides last year, down from 72 in 2017. the rate has dropped steadily over the past few years. police say it is all due to technology, immunity partnerships and strong leadership. they area suspect heads to court, accused of sexually assaulting a 99 -year-old woman. what we are learning about a prolific graffiti artist now under arrest for allegedly using new bart cars as his canvas. a moving earth box has a lot of people talking and not in a good way. the social media challenge leaving people injured and in danger. . the state taking its first survey of the snowpack in the sierra. coming up why these numbers are so important and how those
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numbers came in.
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. family and friends preparing to say goodbye to us lane central valley police officer. >> members using flags to show support. residents lining city streets with more than 1000 flags tomorrow to honor ronil singh, killed during a traffic stop. volunteers but the day delivering flags to homes and businesses a longer procession route. >> to support the family and honor him. and just appreciate what he has done for this community in the very small way we can do that spent the man accused of getting down officer has been formally charged with murder. he made his first court appearance yesterday. he did not entered a plea. the judge in the case has ordered a competency evaluation . he is an illegal immigrant and the case has rekindled debate about sanctuary city laws
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. a surprise twist in the story we broke back in december. parts is a suspected tagger, accused of vandalizing his trains, may be a member of a notorious australia graffiti gang. 33 -year-old matthew raoul white accused of tagging at least seven cars in san mateo and contra costa counties last month. police say he had spray paint on his clothes when he was arrested at sfo last week. he was apparently waiting to board a flight to sydney. he is believed to be part of a graffiti gang that targeted trains in perth and near city. it will cost $10,000 to clean up the damage. the man accused of sexually assaulting a 99 -year-old woman was in court today in san francisco. police circulated surveillance photos earlier in the week which helped lead to the arrest. authorities say 26 -year-old broke into a home on pacific avenue, monday afternoon. officers tracked him down the following day in the
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tenderloin. he is facing multiple charges including elder abuse and intent to commit. netflix warning fans about the risk of a new social media challenge inspired by its hit movie bird box. >> never, ever take off your blindfold. if you look you will die. do you understand? >> bird box sarvas andrew bullock. she plays a mom fleeing from a sinister force with her kids while blindfolded. now, some people in social media were are mimicking the scenes from this woman nearly burns yourself on a heater. one board repeatedly crashes into furniture with his tricycle . netflix tweeted quote "please do not hurt yourselves with this bird box challenge. "it also cautioned fans to not end up in the hospital. companies are always concerned when something takes l . >> netflix is more than 45 million customers streamed bird box in its first seven days.
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state water officials have measured the sierra snowpack, a critical source of water throughout the year. >> natalie turner says the early winter results, much better than a year ago but plenty of room for improvement there was a lot of snowfall early in the season for the northern sierra, but since then it has been relatively dry. it makes for a pretty average snowpack. plenty of room for improvement the department of water resources says. whether the state water resources are in red or back is determined by how much snow there is in this field, and others across the sierra. so far the department of water resources says the statewide snowpack is that 67% of average. >> while these results are below average, they are a stark contrast to where we were last year. there was just patches of snow at this location. >> reporter: today the first measurement of the year. while a little underwhelming,
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resorts seem to be faring just fine. no reason to worry, there is plenty of snow yet to fall. >> we are below average but there is still opportunity. we are only in the first of the three wettest months of the season. december, january and february. this year's snowpack accounts for 60% of the state's water resources. those numbers are critical. the sierra snowpack acts like a piggy bank and slowly melts, providing water downstream to the higher population areas in lower elevations and hottest and driest months. also warmer during the coldest months of the year. and that is likely playing a big part in the smaller snowpacks. a trend likely to continue. they say they are prepared to spend we have a number of programs in the department, working with that developing adaptation strategies. >> reporter: on a hopeful note, moving in this weekend is another storm. folks here are very helpful that will drop plenty of snow.
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>> i can promise them a bit at least as we get hit with rain they will get hit with snow. things are changing this weekend, as we look outside west from south forest tower, a beautiful sunset. by the way, did you know we are the first planet out from the sun that has a moon and we are getting a better look at it. . >> not your ordinary journey to the moon though. how china made history today, with an impressive lunar landing.
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. china has made history after successful landing a rover on the far side of the moon. >> it being back two pictures of the ground. the rover will observe whether plants will grow in low gravity. it will also help for water, that is imrtanand other s t lecommunicate with earth fr so, how did they get around
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that? china launched a relay satellite to solve the issue. >> interesting, the last people to visit the far side of the moon and to land on the moon was 1976 now the chinese are there in fact next to the chinese will launch a sample return mission from the moon. they are getting busy out there . back here on earth, temperatures are falling. 51 in concord, oakland 55, livermore 48 and san francisco 52. san jose 51 in santa rosa 51. beautiful sunset. the afterglow is nice. just want to assure you, doppler up and running, not detecting anything yet but it will. overnight lows santa rosa 32 and freezing. napa 37 and fairfield 31. sunup tomorrow morning 7:35 a.m. this low, forget about that it is this low causing the rain
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that will begin to form over the bay area by friday night, midnight early hours saturday morning. another dry day. high clouds from the first low off the pacific northwest. the time we head into saturday afternoon, rainfall amounts as high as an inch and a quarter in ukiah. central bay area not that bad, two thirds of an inch. mountains get more than this but in general, about a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch. winds out of the south about 30 miles per hour. a blustery saturday. moderate heavy snow, winter storm watch posted. snowfall as much as 10 inches with the highest peaks up to 18 inches. winds gusts up to 55 miles per hour. if you head to the mountains be sure to give yourself extra time. weather headlines tomorrow, high clouds, by the time we get to saturday rain and wind increased increase.
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slight chance of a thunderstorm, not a big one but more rain by late sunday. stays unsettled going into next week. forecast highs tomorrow mid-50s and extended forecast high clouds tomorrow, increasing clouds lead to rain friday night , midnight, early saturday morning. lingering showers and blustery activity, winds out of the south, wet on saturday. bit of a break late saturday and on sunday before more comes in. not a dry day after friday, looks to be sprinkled for you. expect wet. getting old is not easy. the funny way some young people are figuring that out.
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. coming up at six our first look at the huge expansion san francisco hopes will lure big conventions to town. the tourism industry is struggling with a crisis on the streets. will this modern makeover the end of to change a bad reputation? that story and much more coming up in 30 minutes at 6:00. tonight, and paris museum giving guests a look into the future and for sum it is a big graham. >> showcasing an old age simulator suit about the daily difficulties erika lee fedex. uses fabrics, straps, weights and gloves and helmets to mimic back pain, stiff joints, poor
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vision and hearing loss. the man was worn out in a matter of minutes and could barely read a piece of paper put in front of them. welcome to the club. ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this thursday: from the nation's capital, the new congress. nancy pelosi and democrats take control of the house. what it means for the president. the latest on the deadly winter storm moving through the southwest. and, the world war ii survivor who waited 90 years to do this. all that and much more, beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> the honorable nancy pelosi is duly elected speaker of the house of representatives. >> democrats taking control, the new congress officially in business. >> this house will truly be the people's house. >> new congress sworn in, in the midst of a partial government shutdown. >> both parties still dug in. >> without a wall, you cannot have border secu


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